Pixel Gun 3D Helps You To Hone Your Survival Skills

pixel gun

Pixel Gun 3D game is all about killing the enemies and other creatures and zombies. You will find innumerable deadly and frightening zombies ready to attack the farmland of the pixel man unexpectedly and they are everywhere. To escape this apocalypse to have to kill your enemies, zombies, spiders, night creatures, ghoul et al and stay with him till the end to solve the mystery of the game. Apart from killing you will also have to survive all the attacks of your enemies and evade death to reach to the end of the game. You can hone your survival skills perfectly in this game.

Main Features Of It   

The main features of the story mode of Pixel Gun 3D game are very interesting, intriguing and exciting.

  • You will find yourself in a completely different world with several locations which you have to keep free from enemies.
  • There are different kinds of weapons which you can choose to kill your enemies of all kinds.
  • The game has a very interesting and colorful comic book type of plot which tells the whole story of game and its mission.

About The Survival Arena

You can test your survival skills and improve them in the survival arena of the game. This is a special arena which has a totally separate set of conditions which will test how many monster attacks you can evade and how far are you ready to go.

  • You will find endless game play in this area and some of them are very good to perfect your aiming and to time your firing a gun.
  • There are different kinds of monsters in the area and some of them have deadly and unexpected combinations.
  • You can win awards to proceed further to the next stages and get the best results which you can compare with your friends as well.

Tips To Survive

To survive through the game you have to follow some rules strictly to kill the maximum number of enemies.

  • Always keep on changing your positions so that you cannot be targeted easily and never stand still.
  • Keep changing your weapons regularly and use them as required so that you can make the maximum kill and damage.
  • Always shoot your enemy when they are not moving up and down so that you can target them better and remember to aim at their head.

Resource Is Necessary To Survive

You will need to maintain a good stock of your resources which comes in two types of currencies, coins and gems. These resources are necessary to buy weapons as and when required. Gems will find you a few weapons and coins will find you the rest so it is necessary that you have both at your disposal. You can increase your stock by playing all the games which generates resources or use the pixel gun 3d hack tool for the same purpose. So, use your resources wisely and manage it well so that you can practice this survival mode for long hours to hone your overall skills to play and win the game.

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